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Everyone is busy. Self-service laundry can generally take up to two hours of a person’s time. Even drop off services often require the customer to bring his/her laundry to the laundry shop personally. That’s why we are here! Laundry Cleanic

can pick up and drop off your laundry absolutely for free. Now you have time. Now you can do more.

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning services. While we may like the finishing of a newly laundered garment, don’t you always itch and your skin becomes dry.  We know our clothes are placed in a specialized machine with solvent and detergent.  Little did you know that many solvents and detergents can be harmful to your skin. The good news is that there are nontoxic cleaning alternatives that are just as effective.  It’s about time to find a shop that had one. We have eco-friendly solvents.

Our commitment to sustainability.  We thought of a concept that will deliver excellent customer service and eco-friendly cleaning we at Laundry Cleanic are committed to excellent customer experience and sustainability.

Laundry Cleanic cares. Free pickup and delivery.  If you can’t come to any of our shops, we’ll come to you.  

We have arranged a dedicated valet to pick up and to deliver your laundry on time.

We want our customers to experience a hassle-free and convenient way of washing clothes.

Here in Laundry Cleanic, we wash your worries away!

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