History of Laundry Cleanic

The History of Laundry Begins With Early Civilizations. The clothes from wool made washing necessary, so early civilizations washed their clothes in rivers. Before the invention of detergent, removing dirt and stains from clothing required a lot of muscle power.

However, laundry history in the Philippines, practices fall into two camps: urban and rural. In the rural provinces, the happening of laundry is in the river. It’s done by hand and it’s a communal activity. Clean water isn’t easier to access. So covered area with a basin and fresh spring water makes laundry and cooking much easier. With the country’s islands and numerous villages, building basic rural water infrastructure is an ongoing challenge.

Now, Here’s the History of Laundry Cleanic.

Laundry Cleanic’s owner was looking for a dependable new business when he decided to enter the laundry industry. They initially considered opening several businesses but they wanted to have a predictable income and stable in his venture. The History of Laundry Cleanic begins.

At the time, Carlo and Mae were living at a newly-opened subdivision. in G.M.A., Cavite. They noticed that they needed to do their laundry. They browsed for a convenient and affordable laundry service. There’s no available laundry service nearby. The couple saw an opportunity and decided to create a high quality, convenient laundry pick-up and delivery service.

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