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Here is another most constant thing in life, doing laundry! We wear clothes everyday and at the end of the day the pile of dirty clothes just keep on piling up so it’s always a must to do laundry. In filipino culture, doing laundry is either a DIY thing, done by a household helper, or a person is usually being contracted to the laundry at home. Nowadays, the culture is being shifted to doing laundry service from self-service, coin operated laundry shops due to several good reasons.

One of the most trusted laundry shops nowadays is Laundry Cleanic uses only high quality machines that ensures cleaning power.

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Laundry Cleanic Branches:

The Main Branch

Blk 4 Lot 43 Phase 1

Commercial Area,

Alta Tierra Homes,

GMA, Cavite

Tel: (0919) 846-4517

Laundry Cleanic Branches

San Jose Branch

Blk 13 Lot 53,

Nicolasa Virata

G.M.A., Cavite

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