Laundry Cleanic Services
Laundry Cleanic Services

Laundry Cleanic services are convenient and affordable ways to wash your clothes. So you can save precious time which you can use to spend with your friends and family. We use commercial grade washers and dryers to ensure maximum efficiency and top quality services.

The professional and courteous staff of Laundry Cleanic follows strict procedures from the time they receive your unsorted soiled laundry.

We will identify the washing requirements of each item and separate them by color, temperature, and degree of agitation. All items will be accounted for and you will then receive a receipt with a breakdown of services and details of your order pick-up date and time.

The complete cycle of your laundry will take between 24-48 hours and upon completion, you will receive an SMS notification with confirmation of the completed job. In case that your laundry is ready in less time, we will inform you accordingly.

Dedicated to providing quality laundry service and convenience to our customers. We sort, carefully wash, dry, fold and pack your laundry. Your clothes may require gentle washing depending on the care labels specified. That is why we also provide Hand washing and Dry cleaning for your delicates and special items. Look your best by having your clothes professionally

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