Wash, Dry, and Fold + Press for only 75 pesos/ kg

Too busy to stay and get the laundry done? Not interested in spending your time sorting whites from darks and folding laundry? Your problem is solved. We can Wash, Dry, Fold and Press your laundry.

You will never have to do the laundry again, because Laundry Cleanic is here to do it for you Your Way! Our Wash, Dry, Fold and Press services meet the needs of everyone: singles on the go; parents with children; and busy professionals.

Washing clothes and general laundry work have been part of household chores for a very long time now. The technology for doing this has evolved over time from scrubbing clothes with sand and stones to remove stains in the traditional era to the modern times when all people need to do is press a few buttons on a machine to get clothes cleaned fast and effectively.

Consider the value of your time – you can save money by using Laundry Cleanic’s wash, dry, fold and press services. We’ll eliminate the need for a washer and dryer at home.

Here in Laundry Cleanic, we wash your worries away!

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