wash, dry, fold regular

Wash, Dry, and Fold for REGULAR FABRIC for only 25 pesos/ kg

Wash-dry-fold is a bulk service that allows customers to drop off dirty laundry and pick up freshly cleaned, dried, and folded laundry. It’s perfect for on-the-go customers. 

With more companies offering them, laundry services have become a popular commodity. Think about it: If you can afford it, why not hire someone else to do your laundry, especially if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself?

This is your basic laundry service. So your laundry is washed in a commercial washing machine and tumble dried in a commercial dryer so it will be folded before it is returned to you nice and clean.

Laundry Cleanic offers a valuable service. So if you are a busy professional or an overwhelmed parent who needs a little help around the house, therefore, you can appreciate the extra help this service provides. Just drop off your items to have them washed, dried and folded.

Wash, dry, fold service is a convenient method of having us do your laundry, saving you time and effort. Drop off your soiled laundry. … Next day and same day services may be available upon request

Here in Laundry Cleanic, we wash your worries away!

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